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Start With the End in Mind

Following winter months, many properties recognize the need to properly identify building envelope and structural maintenance and repair needs. These maintenance and repair efforts usually require the involvement of a licensed Professional Engineer and/or qualified consultant. This is the first of a series of seasonal articles that will look at the steps BECS takes to assist our clients to develop a program that will successfully identify project needs, the roles of team members involved in the project, and the expected end result of the project.


Investigation of the role of fire retardant treatment in the failure of wooden trusses

Fire retardant treatment processes have led to expanded applications of dimension lumber, notably for commercial and multifamily buildings that must meet more stringent fire code requirements than single family homes. Several chemical treatments widely used in the 1970s and 1980s were later found to cause progressive strength loss and embrittlement over many years. This paper, coauthored by BECS Senior Consultant Mike Drerup, describes an extensive, laboratory based assessment of a structure that was critically weakened by FRT-induced strength loss over a twenty-year period.


Trouble Under Foot: Resurfacing Historic Floor Systems

Successful flooring installations are dependent on proper accommodation of the structural substrate, which is often achieved through the use of self-leveling under layments. This paper describes an in-depth laboratory-based study of several commonly-used cementitious levelling products.


Understanding and Maintaining Facility Maintenance & Repair Project Warranties

This article, authored by Steve Turner, P.E., and Principal of BECS, describes how facility maintenance and repair projects involving façade, roof, garage, windows, and balcony replacement, often involve various trades and materials. Understanding the protection and value of the warranties that come with these materials and what that protection can provide requires proper interpretation of warranty terms, guidelines, and an understanding of the flow of work and external factors that can hinder, reduce or even negate warranty agreements. This article provides guidelines owners and associations can follow in order to develop and maintain an effective warranty program.



Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

Property Managers, Architects, Contractors & Developers

BECS is now a registered American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES) Provider.

BECS offers a wide range of continuing education topics with certified Education Units (CEU's) to Professional Organizations, Property Managers, Contractors and Architectural Firms, Developers, Universities and Colleges as part of our BECS Continuing Education Program.

Presented by Mark Howell, Vice President of BECS, our current programs offered are as follows:

"Building Enclosures and Mechanical Systems Working Together to Keep the Outside Out and the Inside In."

"Common Failure Mechanisms and Deficiencies of Multi-Family Residential Wood Framed Balconies"

"Building Envelope Theory and Practice"

Currently in development, we have programs for Masonry Restoration, Adaptive Reuse of Enclosures, and the role of the enclosure consultant in new construction. Additional programs are being considered so if you have a topic of interest for us to consider, please feel free to contact Mark K. Howell.


BECS is proud to introduce a comprehensive Testing and Laboratory Services Program with breadth and scope to place us at the forefront of the restoration, repair, and maintenance Industry arena.



As an added benefit to our existing clients we have extended our services to provide in-house, high resolution scanning of project drawings and plans up to sizes 36x48. We convert drawings into digital media for distribution among committees, project and property managers. Pick-up and delivery services can be arranged. Contact us to find out more!


Complimentary On site Lunch & Learn Presentations can be arranged by contacting our office.

Managing Aging Buildings' Infrastructure

Buildings are like people. They inevitably get older. The normal life expectancy of most major building components is 30 to 50 years. Managing aging building plant, equipment and structural components can be daunting. If the staff of an aging building doesn't have a sound management strategy, they can easily end up in a very stressful, not to mention costly and out-of-control situation, when resolving one problem only signals the onset of another. We recommend proactive aging building management based on four steps.
Contact us today to schedule your complimentary onsite Lunch and Learn for Managing Aging Buildings' Infrastructure.


BECS is excited to announce we are opening a North Carolina Branch office in Raleigh, NC September 1st 2017! Mark Howell, Vice President, will be setting up our office and handling our ongoing projects in and around the downtown Raleigh area.

On the Move

We are happy to announce our newest member of the BECS Team. Please join us in welcoming Omar Hillel.Omar Hillel

Omar is an Assistant Project Manager at Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists, LLC. Omar earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from Morgan State University in 2010 and Masters of Science in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2017. To learn more about Omar, or contact him directly, please visit our staff page here!

Baltimore Downtown Partnership

BECS is proud to be members of the Downtown Partnership. Downtown Partnership is known as the organization that gets things done. We oversee the Downtown Management Authority (DMA), Baltimore’s oldest and largest business improvement district. Our programs – including our uniformed operations teams of Downtown Baltimore Guides, Clean Sweep Ambassadors, and Park Stewards – make the 106-block DMA district more attractive, vibrant, and hospitable.