• Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists

Commercial properties vary in complexity and organizational management, however they all seek to provide an efficient environment for tenants and businesses to thrive. BECS understands the needs of commercial property owners and managers, who have to track many moving parts. We have the experience to integrate into project teams and work with the owners and managers to develop a customized solution to repair or enhance their structures. Through a BECS partnership, our clients can rest assured that BECS is part of the team.

From our investigations and assessments, BECS will provide our clients with options. We’ll evaluate various pros and cons and risk management for those options, and provide a cost estimate for the repairs to be completed. Additionally, BECS can work with our clients’ budget to develop a project plan that makes sense for our clients. We use project phasing, project delivery of design-bid or design-build, discuss the future maintenance cycles to building longevity and service life, and estimated return on investment timelines for performance enhancements.

BECS assists our commercial clients with repurposing/repositioning, historic requirements for reuse or rehabilitation, and due diligence surveys prior to selling or purchasing properties. Additionally we provide estimated capital expenditure needs for the duration of the building’s service life.

Common Commercial Structures and Components:

  • Building Façades
  • Parking Structures
  • Pedestrian Bridges & Walkways
  • Balconies and Fire Escapes
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Historic Structures & Monuments
  • Plaza Decks & Recreation Areas
  • Roofs, Windows, and Skylights
  • Rooftop Anchors and Davits

BECS is a proud member of BOMA and the Baltimore Downtown Partnership.

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BECS identified that to provide the best solutions to our clients, we need to ensure the expertise of performance testing should be at our client’s fingertips, so we developed BECS Labs. BECS Labs provides field and laboratory testing capabilities to fully support our building envelope consultants. We bring the experience and foremost experts in the industry to the science of the building envelope and its performance. BECS Labs can test the performance of the building and bring to the project actionable data. BECS Labs will test how your current building performs. Testing of products is completed to ensure they have the capacity to keep the inside in and the outside out.

  • Forensic Testing
  • Thermal, Moisture and Air Infiltration
  • Acoustic Performance Analysis
  • Air Barrier Inspections and Whole Building Air Tightness
  • Performance Mockup Design and Testing
  • Mortar Analysis and Masonry Absorption
  • Life Safety / Structural Load Testing
  • Electronic Leak Detection of Membranes
  • Product Testing and Evaluations
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