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Construction defects, design errors, and faulty workmanship can lead to expensive repairs and remediations that should not be needed had industry standards and best practices been followed. When problems arise, it often needs to be settled in court. Owners and attorneys need expert opinions, professional engineers, and architects.

BECS’s senior consultants know best industry practices as our staff has contributed to their finalization through the involvement of professional organizations and committees. Our approach is to apply our expert knowledge to the project’s design, submittals, and records to evaluate as-built conditions following industry standards. If needed, we can provide testimony of our expert opinion and speak of our findings and reasonings.


A building is an asset and like most assets, owners and managers protect them from damages by fire, storms, and other force majeure. When bad things happen, insurance is often relied upon to offset financial impacts on repairing and getting back to normal.

BECS is able to help facilitate the process by assessing the damage and structural integrity of the building and providing a written report highlighting our findings and providing a rough order of magnitude estimate for the repairs needed. This provides both policy owners and insurance companies expert opinions of needs while leaving the guesswork out for adjustors.


A lot of effort and resources go in construction and repair projects and owners and managers depend on the work and materials to last. Upon completion of a project, the warranties for material and labor are insurance and peace of mind that if something does need to be corrected, it can be done. Periods of time that warranties are covered may vary depending on the project scope, so you do not want to miss the chance to get something fixed.

BECS can help maximize the warranty by returning to the project site halfway through the warranty period to review the current conditions of the work performed. We will speak with onsite staff to help identify problems or concerns they have with the repairs. We will make suggestions for improvements, maintenance, and repair needs at problematic locations. BECS will identify areas that may come under warranty or under the original construction contract and assist in developing reports, documents, and requests for services to remedy outstanding problems.

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