• Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists


The building enclosure is a system of many parts working together to keep the inside in and the outside out. When a building owner or manager is noticing issues of concern, it is best to identify and repair the root cause, not treat the symptoms. BECS offers condition assessment services for a variety of building envelope systems which can provide clients with a better understanding of their building. Through our investigations, BECS can provide forensic, non-destructive, and/or semi-destructive testing to identify the cause. From these assessments, BECS can provide recommendations for emergency repairs, consideration for enhanced energy performance and thermal comfort, staging considerations, constructability, and maintenance projects that will extend the life cycle of the building envelope.

BECS is not limited to your roof, walls, and windows! We provide assessments on:

  • Plaza Decks & Recreation Areas
  • Balconies and Fire Escapes
  • Parking Structures
  • Rooftop Anchors and Davits
  • Pedestrian Bridges & Walkways
  • Historic Structures & Monuments
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Skylights and Fenestrations

Façade Access Support Technicians (FAST)

For many projects, up close hands-on assessments are required. Traditionally, access to hard to reach areas required swing stages or scaffolding to be on hand. This process adds costs and time to project budgets.


BECS accesses these locations by using our highly trained and specialized Façade Access Support Technicians (FAST). Our FAST team has the training, talent, and equipment to quickly and safely allow for our Consultants, Professional Engineers, and Architects to get up-close, hands-on observations of building envelope components via Industrial Rope Access.

Our commitment to the development of our FAST team allows us to swiftly and safely access the façade without the excessive added cost and inconvenience of swing stages, beams, weights, and labor.

Schematic Design

Through the investigations and assessment discussions, BECS will work with you on finalizing project needs, requirements, and goals. BECS will guide you on technical aspects of the project, work together to select materials to fit the project needs, and confirm decisions that will affect the design and project delivery. BECS’s inhouse architectural teams can provide you with renderings and illustrations on what the completed project could look like to guide the decisions in materials, styles, and colors when options exist.

In short, BECS will work with you to customize the project to your specific needs.

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