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Engineered Solutions for
Building Performance Testing
Engineered Solutions for
Building Performance Testing
Engineered Solutions for
Building Performance Testing


BECS identified that to provide the best solutions to our clients, we need to ensure the expertise of performance testing should be at our client’s fingertips, so we developed BECS Labs.

BECS Labs provides field and laboratory testing capabilities to fully support our building envelope consultants. BECS Labs brings the experience and foremost experts in the industry to the science of the building envelope and its performance. BECS Labs tests the performance of your building and brings actionable data to the project. BECS Labs will test how your current building performs, test products to ensure they have the capacity to keep the inside in and the outside out, and proof-tests mockups and prototypes for potential new construction goals.

We have developed a network of manufacturers that call on BECS Labs to certify their products and materials. This provides a path for Owners, Managers, and Architects to confidently specify products that pass rigorous testing procedures. Our Lab utilizes a variety of specialized equipment calibrated by third-party research labs to bring accurate data to your project – assuring that the building materials are being tested with the highest commitment to standards – providing you with unbiased data.


BECS Labs provides independent third-party testing services on-site to test the performance of installed components. Our team of expert technicians and building scientists are able to provide a variety of testing services to test for thermal, moisture and air infiltration, acoustic performance, air barrier inspections and whole building airtightness, and electronic leak detection.

These on-site field tests allow Owners, Contractors, and Design Teams to know if the products and installation methods are performing in an unbiased pass/fail manner. BECS Labs can work in conjunction with BECS’s consultants to assist with new details and designs to correct areas of concern.


Mockup and prototype testing is important to determine constructibility, appearance, and performance on a small scale before full implementation begins. BECS Labs can provide early information on how various materials and installations will perform against the elements and if issues arise, the project team can make modifications before they are systematic problems with the enclosure later.

Our technicians apply industry standards for testing and performance in conformance with related ASTM and AAMA testing recommendations. BECS’s team of professional architects, engineers, and consultants are available to help troubleshoot issues found in testing and advise on how to rectify issues.


Designing and testing doesn’t begin in the field – it starts at conception. Specifiers need to know that the products and materials they are specifying can meet the standards of the project at hand and feel confident the products are certified to meet demands. That’s why manufacturers of windows, doors, curtain walls, and other building products work with BECS Labs to test their product’s performance following industry standards and specifications.

BECS Labs has a dedicated team of expert technicians that can test product and material in a laboratory setting or witness tests being conducted to ensure they align within standards. BECS Labs often provide laboratory testing and witnessing of forced entry resistance, ADA operations force, sound transmission, wind-driven rain, impact testing, and structural loading.

Product Categories Include:

  • Store Fronts

  • Curtain Walls

  • Windows and Doors

  • Glazing Systems

  • Louvers


  • Skylights

  • Roofs

  • EIFS

  • Exterior Walls

  • Plazas & Foundation Systems

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