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Restoration of historic buildings can be a tricky task to navigate and an expensive endeavor if you are unsure about the requirements of this undertaking. From matching existing or original appearances to understanding the options of salvaging, repairing, or replacing elements, owners and managers have a lot to consider. No matter the course you decide to take, a long-lasting and pragmatic solution is key.

BECS’s historic experts can help. Through industry best standards and in accordance with the National Park Service Preservation Briefs, we can help you reach your goals while staying true to the historic codes. Executive Vice President, Mark K. Howell, has been a nationally recognized expert in the restoration, preservation, and rehabilitation of historic buildings across the U.S. He specializes in the use of historic materials, repair techniques, adaptive reuse, and the processes of mockup/prototyping testing for windows, facades, ornamental architecture, and timber-framed structures.

BECS’s team of professional engineers, architects, and consultants provide solutions often associated with historic structures:

  • Condition Assessment and Investigations
  • Preservation Brief Compliant Repair Design and Material Selection
  • Stabilization and Shoring Design
  • Structural Evaluations and Loading Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Observations
  • Fenestration Evaluations for Repair/Replace Programs
  • Replica Approvals
  • Repositioning /Repurposing


Structures that are 50 years old could be considered historic, and if a matter of significance due to an association historic event, significant person, or unique architecture, then your building may be a designated historic building and registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Whether your historic structure is a commercial property, college, church, or multifamily structure, attention to detail is paramount to comply with federal, state, or local regulations.

Historic structures, including both registered and non-designated, can be eligible to earn Federal, State, and/or Local Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credits (RITC). Preserving important elements of historic structures is critical to maintaining our culture and is also an integral part of adhering to important Tax Credit Programs. BECS’s historic restoration consultants can connect you to a Historic Tax Credit Consultant to conduct a tax credit analysis and determine the credits you may be eligible for. Based upon the analysis, BECS will report the preservation and restoration needs based upon the National Park Service’s Preservation Briefs and provide estimated costs for rehabilitation of your structure; providing the unbiased data for your comparison.


Time moves on and the world changes, but classic architectural features and historic structures do not have to be stuck in the past. Buildings are often in a historic district, on the National Registry, or just appreciated for what they are. Owners, managers, and even some municipalities are finding new uses for old buildings. Former warehouses into condos; row houses into clinics; factories into offices; these are all examples of preserving our history while adapting its use and focus on modern needs.

BECS’s team of professional engineers, architects, and consultants provide solutions often associated with historic elements and components such as:

  • Curtain Walls and Storefronts
  • Architectural Terra Cotta
  • Brick, Masonry, Wood, and Stone

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