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BECS will work with our clients to provide solutions customized to its operational needs while maintaining the strict protocols for standards of performance. We actively look for ways to reduce costly specification development to maximize your budget. BECS will develop the technical specification to help identify maintenance and repair needs, create the drawing and details for those needs. Details, drawings, and specifications will comply with federal, state, and local codes, be within regulations set forth by OSHA and other regulatory agencies and be stamped by a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect as required by the governing jurisdiction.

When the specifications, details, and drawings are ready, BECS can develop the issuance of a project manual for the project. BECS Project manuals provide our clients with nearly everything they need to bid the project to qualified contractors. Our project manuals typically include:

  • Invitation to Bid
  • Instructions to Bidders & Bid Forms
  • Scope of Work
  • Specifications & Drawings
  • Material Requirements
  • Warranty Information
  • AIA Format Contract Form
  • AIA Format General Conditions
  • Administrative Provisions


Utilizing our relationships with trusted contractors, we can approach your project as a design-build partnership when necessary, to further stretch your capital plan dollars. This approach allows BECS to work in conjunction with a contractor to create drawings and details to correct issues being uncovered as needed without long delays – often saving clients money.

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