• Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists

Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists

Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists, the name says it all. We are experienced in every aspect of building enclosures, design and performance testing. Our team consists of registered engineers and architects, building scientists, and roofing/waterproofing consultants, with specialties in structural and restoration engineering, building envelope, and general construction.

Our methods and standards of performance are aligned with industry standards and code requirements established by professional organizations. BECS approaches each project as a unique project and customizes its services to meet the needs of the client; not an off-the-shelf solution. We help solve our clients’ most challenging problems through 4 key tasks:


BECS offers condition assessment services for a variety of building envelope systems which can provide clients with a better understanding of their building.

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We understand how difficult it can be for owners, managers, and design teams to receive apples-to-apples bidding on their project.

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BECS’s design services provide you with the technical specifications and details for repair in a Project Manual  — customized for your project.

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When you are ready to begin the construction phase of your project, you need an expert to ensure the work is aligned with specifications, industrry standards, and expectations.

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Our approach is to place senior-level professionals with vast experience and exposure to numerous projects in the field where they are able to gain firsthand knowledge of the structure in question and communicate directly with those performing the work. This approach eliminates tiers of bureaucracy, which can result in miscommunication, errors, and inflated costs.

We specialize in the development of structural and architectural maintenance, repair, and stabilization programs for new, existing, and historic structures. Our specific core of engineering expertise is geared toward serving:

We have engineers licensed in the following states: The District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington. Our engineers maintain active and valid NCEES Records which allow for reciprocity with minimal delays.