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When thinking about the building envelope, you really need to consider the building’s full enclosure. When it comes down to problems, owners, managers, architects, and contractors spend their time trying to repair or replace roofs, walls, and windows. The enclosure is a tightly connected system and sometimes a single problem with one may be caused by the other.

BECS understands how these systems affect one another and how they work together to keep the outside out and the inside in. Our staff of registered engineers and architects, building scientists, and roofing/waterproofing consultants will assist with the assessment to help identify the problems and work with our clients on a pragmatic repair path.


There is a wide array of roof systems in use for a wide variety of building types. BECS employs Registered Roof Consultants and Observers, certified by the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC). They are experts in the assessment, diagnostics, design/specification, and testing of roof components. BECS can provide Clients with maintenance and repair recommendations to extend the service life of a roof and specify a roof replacement strategy.

  • Single-Ply Roofs
  • Modified Roofs
  • Built-Up Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Steep & Low Slope Roofs
  • Green Roofs


OSHA’s Final Rule

BECS’ expert staff can also assist with evaluating loading requirements for new roofs or the transition of an existing roof to a green vegetative roof. Additionally, as part of the rooftop focus, BECS can assist with the evaluation and certification of rooftop anchors. Read more about rooftop anchors and OSHA’s final rule.


A wall’s primary purpose is keeping the outside out. Walls are constructed to control water. Mass walls, for example, utilize their thickness and material to prevent water infiltration while wicking the water out over time to dry. Cavity walls use a cavity between the interior and exterior walls to migrate penetrating water to a flashing or drainage system. When walls are not properly maintained, water infiltration and corrosion will soon be problematic. A little water can do a lot of damage.

BECS has the experience to investigate and assess wall systems. Therefore, we are able to provide owners, managers, and contractors the big picture of the issues while offering pragmatic solutions. Additionally, BECS can develop a maintenance plan to help keep your structures protected.


Windows and fenestrations may be the largest source for building envelope issues. A properly constructed wall is to keep the outside out, yet a fenestration is a hole in that wall. Without proper knowledge of the envelope’s construction and attention to detail, the window may leak water and air into the interior.

BECS understands the complexity of windows, sloped glazing systems, and other fenestrations. We can provide you with support for renewal or replacement programs through design, mockups, and prototype testing. Our consultants, architects, and engineers will provide you with a path forward. We’ll assist in identifying window materials, project phasing, as well as historical considerations. (Hint: not all historic windows need replacement). BECS’ ability to provide field testing that separates us as we are able to execute a variety of testing to identify how the window will perform.

Solutions for Glass and Glazing Contractors

Solutions for Glass and Glazing Contractors

Windows, curtain walls, storefronts and other fenestrations can contribute to a building’s aesthetics as well as its energy performance. Glaziers play a critical role in the development of the building enclosure from selecting glass, to ensuring the end deliverable is properly sealed and structurally sound.

Our team of consultants, architects, engineers, and building scientists can provide project support from frame out to commissioning. We have the in-house ability to provide delegated-design support and desk review of specifications and testing protocols. Additionally, we can provide performance testing, third-party testing and proof testing. We’ll review manufacturer suggested fenestrations when sold direct to a glazing contractor or owner, forensic testing for failed installations, and leak testing to exonerate fenestrations.

No Access? No Problem! Our Façade Access Support Technicians (FAST) Team has the training, talent, and equipment to quickly and safely access hard-to-reach areas and perform various testing using Industrial Rope Access.

BECS is proud to have Certified FGIA FenestrationMasters® and ABAA Licensed Field Auditors on staff to support your project.

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