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In November of 2017, OSHA changed the playing field by redefining maintenance and construction. Now, Building Owners are responsible for providing certified anchors for general maintenance: including window washing.

Owners can no longer push the requirements for life safety anchorages off to the contractor as “contractor-provided equipment”. Anchors require testing and certifications, annual inspections, and use plans — if you even have them. To top it all off, OSHA also requires fall protection for any unprotected elevated area.

There is a lot of confusing information to process surrounding OSHA 1910, but BECS is here to guide you to compliance.

BECS is not a window washing company nor an anchor manufacturer. We are an engineering consulting firm that understands the rules and the gray areas to develop solutions that are cost-effective and minimize the number of anchors installed. We approach each project with the client’s needs in mind and deliver a custom solution that is tailored to the building.


BECS will inspect the existing conditions and analyze the as-built conditions in comparison to the OSHA regulations for personal fall arrest systems. We will recommend potential solutions and budgets.


With our large network of contractor partners, we level the playing field by showing you an unbiased apples-to-apples comparison of the options for you to make the right decision.

Load Testing & Certification

BECS will load test new and existing anchors to meet the OSHA/ANSI/IWCA standards. Upon passing, BECS will issue a certification for use stamped by a professional engineer.


With BECS, you will not get some off-the-shelf design documents. We work with you to provide solutions customized to your operational needs. We can specify manufactured and fabricated anchors for your project.

Quality Assurance

This partnership enables us to be reactive and to adapt the design quickly without waiting for some other 3rd party – minimizing downtime and reducing or even eliminating change orders.

Use Plan

OSHA requires that any life safety systems provided by the owner be indicated on a plan of use for personnel accessing the area. BECS will develop compliant use plans that outline all access points and how to use them.

Rooftop Compliance Audits

Various options for compliance with OSHA and ANSI regulations exist including railings, rooftop anchors, the creation of protected work areas, and the location of equipment. It’s a lot for a business owner to keep track of. That’s why BECS developed our rooftop compliance audit. The audit focuses on the assessment of fall hazards and developing the most cost-effective and user-friendly options for fall protection to reduce or eliminate each fall hazard in a detailed report.
These audits survey the compliance of OSHA 1910.66, ANSI Z359.1-2007, Z359.6-2009, ASME A123.1

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