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Building Safety Law

The Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 4-D in May 2022, which creates new requirements for condominium and co-op buildings three or more stories tall. SB-4D establishes a statewide inspection program, requiring condominium and cooperative associations to conduct milestone structural inspections to ensure that condominium and cooperative buildings are safe for continued use.

  • Facade Survey and Observations
  • Invasive and Semi-destructive Testing
  • Signed and Sealed Report by a Professional Engineer

Condo Milestone Inspections

A Milestone Inspection is a structural inspection of a building by a licensed Architect or Engineer to determine the general structural condition of a building as it affects the safety of such building, including the determination of any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of any structural component of the building.

If your building was constructed before July 1, 1992 (30 years) or is located within 10 miles of a coastline, then it is time to ensure that your building is inspected and safe. The requirement applies to buildings constructed prior to July 1, 1997 (25 years) if the building is within 3 miles of a coast.

The City of Jacksonville’s Ordinance Code requires the owners and managers of building TWO (2) stories and taller to register with the City’s Building Inspection Division.

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