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Building Envelope Consultants and Scientists On-Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of business for the foreseeable future. While much of the world has slowed to a near halt, Property Owners and Managers still have the challenging tasks of maintaining operations while figuring out who is available to help with repairs and capital improvement projects.

BECS is open and is here to help as we continue to support our clients and projects as an essential business. Maintaining social distancing guidelines and reducing risks to our staff and clients while reducing costs, maintaining quality, and providing expert professional services are our objectives. That is why BECS is on-demand.

BECS Online

Some say technology brings us together, and in this unprecedented time, it matters all that more for the safety of our colleagues and staff. BECS understands that many of us are working remotely, that is why we are offering offsite remote assistance where project team members collaborate to significantly reduce or eliminate the need for onsite presence and meetings.


Our Façade Access Support Teams can access most facades for investigation and inspection services without the need to enter the interior office and/or living spaces using rope descent systems (like window washers use). BECS will coordinate with on-site management to gain roof access through stairwells only and will limit crew sizes to 2-3 BECS team members.

Curb Side Pick-Up

BECS’s team of professional architects, consultants, and engineers can offer no-contact site visits. We know our way around the building enclosure, so we will access sites on the exterior of buildings without the need for direct interaction with clients, tenants/residents, or others inside buildings while on site.  Prior to performing our site visit, BECS will work with our Clients to identify areas of concern and access to the project site.

BECS Design Repair Services

BECS will partner with a prequalified contractor approved by the client to address maintenance and repair needs for building envelopes.  Let BECS identify the repair needs, obtain a qualified and approved contractor for repairs, design and build the repairs, integrity test, and close-out projects soup-to-nuts.  This approach helps maintain social distancing guidelines and streamlines the repair process to save time and money.

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