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Facade Ordinance
Pittsburgh Facade Ordinance

Pittsburgh Façade Ordinance

The International Property Maintenance Code, amended by the of the City of Pittsburgh Code, requires that all buildings and structures, with the exception of R-3 Structures, are to be inspected by a licensed engineer or architect every 5 years and maintain a stamped and sealed report on file for review.

BECS routinely helps our clients achieve compliance with local façade inspection ordinances by using our highly trained and specialized Façade Access Support Technicians (FAST). Our FAST Team has the training, talent, and equipment to quickly and safely allow for our Professional Engineers and Architects to get up-close, hands-on observations of façade defects and deteriorations. For some façade inspections, specifically, those involving historic stone, terra cotta, and other masonry materials; the intricacies of the façade components may make the findings of visual, ground-based, binocular or scope surveys limited or leave nagging questions about the conditions of the façade. For many façade inspectors, compliance with local ordinances can only be achieved once they have answered the nagging questions. Our commitment to the development of our FAST team allows us to swiftly and safely access the façade without the excessive added cost and inconvenience of swing stages, beams, weights, and labor.

Not every ordinance will require a hands-on assessment, but with our FAST Team, BECS can provide up-close observations that even a drone cannot compare to. There is no substitute for hands-on assessment when public safety is on the line. If you suspect overhead hazards exist on your façade, over the public right-of-way, then you need to act FAST. Let BECS help you achieve compliance with the local façade ordinance and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your façade is safe.

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